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Mariah Ledbetter

I first met Jeannie when I came for my weigh-in at my gym. At this point I hadn’t been in the gym in about a year or so and wasn’t to sure how getting back in was going to go. When I met Jeannie we instantly clicked, she made me feel totally comfortable to be back in the gym! She helped me in so many ways from my eating habits to my training sessions. She believes in me which helps me believe in myself that I can make these changes and have the body I want! She cheers me on and keeps me going with words of wisdom and encouragement! She pushes you to make the changes and meet your goals! I’m so honored to have Jeannie as my trainer and a friend! She truly is simply the best!

MacKenzie Nichols

When I first decided I wanted to do personal training, that meant that I need to get my body in shape to live a healthy lifestyle. Jeannie reached out to me and we scheduled an assessment. I had a lot of bumps in the road, but I pushed it aside to be better for me. Once we began training, I learned how to properly do workouts and gradually increase the endurance. Jeannie is a good trainer and she helped me achieve my goal. She pushed me on days I didn’t feel like I could do it, and I succeeded. Jeannie is an outstanding trainer and anyone would be lucky to train with her. In the end of the training, I was down 15lbs and had gained muscle. Once you're determined to do it, you won’t regret the results you see in the end.

Brittany Worley

I have struggled with my weight my whole life, tried so many times to form better fitness and nutrition habits but have failed time and time again. I found Jeannie through my chiropractor, and she has been a phenomenal addition to my life! I came to her knowing next to nothing about what it really took to lose weight- and with a wedding coming up that I desperately wanted to be a beautiful bride I would be proud of! Jeannie taught me so much, empowered me when I was feeling weak, and pushed me farther than I ever thought I could go. She has seen me sweat, cry, and (a few times) puke!! (It was the weak parts of me leaving my body) Even when I had times I wanted to give up, Jeannie didn't quit on me, and that is what is so amazing about her- she gives you her all and through her I not only developed better fitness and nutrition habits, I gained a beautiful friendship! I made it to my wedding with some very impressive before and after photos and a new lease on life and the knowledge I CAN do hard things... but remember... SOFT KNEES!

Jonny Marlier

Jeannie will breakdown a custom diet and exercise plan that fit you wellness goals I've already lost 55 pounds and counting. Very recommended

Leah Lancaster

***I have never had so much freedom in my own body.***.

   Through all my time so far on this earth and the various conditions of fit, UN-fit, healthy and very much, not healthy I have been in that time- even at shining high point of a HARD earned "best shape of my life"(loooong since lost) I have never in my life ever been so strong in such variety of physical capabilities. I am truly the most free in my own skin I've ever experienced, able to do so much unassisted or helped its an incredible joy to live in. My body bears those very infuriating ailments that aging, injury, and stasis bring with them. Those that mean I cant always do what I might want, or need, to do. Never in my wildest mind did I imagine so many ways existed to bust even my own broken-bodied-busy-booty, but JEANNIE SURE KNEW! Good gracious her expertise shines through in the EFFECTIVE CREATIVITY of what she crafted for my plan. I've never been so fascinated by and utterly excited about exercise combinations or new set moves I am house-cat-in-a-sunbeam level LAZY, yet Jeannie has gotten me to where I see a hard looking exercise, and I get jazzed to see how much fun it is because I already know I'm ABLE to do it so now all that's left is the fun part of actually doing it. It was SO MUCH fun surprising my Husband recently, he walks into the living room one day completely unaware just to see me side-plank-surprise-levitating holding myself up horizontal straight out one foot on the front of the couch with the rest of me held up flat off the floor sideways only leaning on one one elbow. Talk about a double take scene poor guy comes in to a surprise floating wife who is SQUEALING in excitement cause THATS SO COOL TO BE ABLE TO DO!!!

  Jeannie listened to exactly what I was dreaming for when she asked what I wanted to accomplish by working with her. She listened and labored and delivered me an expertly crafted, thoroughly individualized, and completely life changing experience I'm so grateful to have had opportunity for. I was floundering in a loss of self in the sea of life and survival when she started. I've since relearned just exactly how very capable I am and have had an absolute blast in the process. Jeannie is a soul of solid gold with a wicked sense of humor, playlists that cant be beat and a never ending supply of somehow always the EXACT kind of coach support needed any given moment. It's delightfully slightly spooky how she always knew if or when I needed yelled at, high fived, distracted, fed, or left alone and just supervised to zen out into the movement. Her compassion for people and her passion for what she does is an incredible combination to experience and between time with her in-person in her awesome gym space, and the ongoing time since remotely working out at home with her AWESOME APP (she's most of the recorded video examples of the exercises within the app and hers are the best of the videos by far it's so cool!) I hands down cannot say enough in recommendation and commendation of the quality, caliber, and character of Jeannies work. Highly highly HIGHLY recommend and absolutely endorse the experience.

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